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I’ve recently come to the conclussion that we’ve been all too drunk on Dance Moms and now that the fandom -and I include myself here- is sobering up I guessed I could finally be sincere as well. Truth is I never really liked the show. Sure I was obsessed with it and always wanted to talk about it or hoped someone brought it up in some random conversation but it wasn’t about the show, it was and still is about the girls.

I mean think about it. Don’t we all watch their routines over and over again on really low-quality videos on youtube? I love their dancing, their friendship, their spark and pictures on instagram. Jeez, I’m like a freeking creep! So now I’m going to enlist the things I’ve hated since forever about Dance Moms and why not some of the things I recently hate which are almost forcing me to stop watching.

10. The moms fighting

Yeah, I know the show is called Dance MOMS but still it aaaaaall looks too fake to me. I mean, moms aren’t even there for regular classes they are just there for the show and to create drama. Well, good job ladies because the drama was up and coming. It has always disgusted me. (Confession: at some point I watched the show online and after finding out about the pyramid I jumped it straight to the competition). Their discussions are really insane, and when Chloe and Payton were suspended because their mothers fought on the street? They deserve a prize for role model of the year -not- and maybe share it with Christie and Kelly getting drunk while their kids were in the dressing room. OK, Christie is the overall scoring numer here.

9. The voices

(Leslie’s. Kelly’s. Christie’s) How on earth can this woman be so loud? I mean like seriously, if I wore earphones to watch the show I would have some serious auditive damge by now! Or maybe I’d be already deaf, who knows. I just don’t seem to get why is it so hard for this women to speak without yelling or screaming. EVERYTHING is drama, EVERYONE is picking on them and EVERY SINGLE TIME they have to contribute with my deafness. Use your inside voices, please.

8. Everyone picking on Melissa (first seasons)

Is Melissa a butt kisser? Really? Jill got Abby a massage and gifts for Kendall to get a solo. All this moms would do ANYTHING for their kids to have more opportunities and it’s not like it’s wrong. That’s what being a mom is all about! Melissa worked in the studio to pay for privates for their kids. Butt kisser? More like smart! She’s going to spend lots of hours in the studio anyways, the privates are going to help Maddie and Kenzie get better and her relationship with Abby will be stronger! So….. her kids will not be mistreated. Get it straight, ladies. I wouldn’t like a mom who’s calling me a bitch, telling me to stop eating or intertupting while I’m teaching either.

7. Reunions

Too much of the moms. Just going to say that.

6. Kelly

This woman deserves a number of her own. Dont’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE Brooke and Paige but I do think Abby has given them enough opportunities her mother has ruined and just don’t get why she should be keep giving them solos when their mother pulls them off at the last minute or doesn’t bring them to rehearsal. Abby may be tough but she really loved Brooke and it showed at least in the first seasons. I think if these kids haven’t improved or been given more chances is in a great part because of Kelly and as much as I will miss them I really hope they are doing something they care about (Brooke) and something they don’t have to be always anxious amd nervous for (Paige). I think they will be better off without Dance Moms because they always seem to be staying only for their friends.

5. Every single ep where Cathy appeared

I know that everything is scripted and the situations are built up by production but why on earth would a woman want to advertise herself as an insane dance teacher whose only goal in life is to beat seven 10-year-olds?? She copied Chloe’s solo music, got new dancers, new choreographers, former ALDC dancers, appeared in the dressing room to bother, sang outside of the dressing room. Mhm. Childshish much. The worse thing ever was when she was filled with joy by getting ninth place over Abby’s team. Get over it woman! I pitty her.

4.The fact that it is not entirely real

It was a huge dissapointment when I found out about this. What a fool to think that a reality show about kids could actually be legit. When Maddie’s music skipped two times in a row I knew something fishy was going on so I looked it up and yep it was all made up by production to make it more “dramatic”. Please, it was SO unreal. Then when I found out they sometimes change resulta for the sake of the plot it all turned into #IDontWannaLiveOnThisPlanetAnymore

-these have been things I’ve always hated now the top three is about things I recently hate about DM-

3. The pyramid

In the previous seasons, even if the kids weren’t the overall winners they would get a place for facial expressions, hardworking or applying corrections. Now, all that matters is winning and no nearly positive comments come with the pyramid anymore. “You are second because your mother kept her mouth shut this week” Alright, so what about dance? Everything that matters now is winning and no one is allowed to think they are nearly as good as Maddie. Not cool.

2. Abby telling them she has a bunch of kids that want their spot

Please, if they are no longer serving your precious reputation then kick them off but don’t let little kids suffer because they are afraid it will be their last dance or their last day with their friends. It broke my heart when Chloe cried on the open calls, it is just not fair. It doesn’t even let them perform as well as they could! Besides, the new dancer are not even coming from these auditions but from AUDC so they are merely being held to beware the kids that they can easily be replaced. What’s even worse, she makes them go just to watch…. These kids self-esteem must be below all levels.


In the first seasons, she just seemed strict although she sometimes lose it but hey that’s how tougj teachers are, right? They pushed you your hardest and then take you to the beach and help you do a videoclip of your song so everybody can have a little fun now and then. Now, it just doesn’t seem like she wants the best for the kids anymore. She is mean and doesn’t remember these kids made her not the other way round. Bringing Maddie and Kalani to beat Paige and Chloe was a dirty move, and if she wanted a winning solo they would have got it anyways. I don’t blame Kelly for what she did, Abby was coming up at her first and it was just not right to take a seat and watch her kids be sabotaged because it disgusts me. Abby may be a great chorographer but it is an ugly person. I don’t care if she is “really nice face to face” as many bloggers say if she can act like that for the cameras even if it’s not the real her then she is an ugly person.

For all the above and as much as I love Kenzie, Kendall, Chloe, Maddie, Brooke, Paige, Nia, Asia, Payton and even Kalani, I refuse to keep watching a show where kids are being bullied. Shame on you Lifetime and everyone that has to do with this mistreatment.

RIP Dance Moms

Will you keep watching?

Girls are taught a lot of stuff growing up. If a guy punches you he likes you, never try to trim your own bangs and someday you will meet a wonderful guy and get your very own happy ending. Every movie we see, every story we’re told implores us to wait for it, the third act twist, the unexpected declaration of love, the exception to the rule but sometimes we’re so focused on finding our happy ending we don’t learn how to read the signs, how to tell from the ones who want us and the ones who don’t, the ones who will stay and the ones who will leave.
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